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Osis Hair styling products are for the latest trends - used by the hair stylists that make it happen just before the models walked out on the catwalks in Paris Milan and New York. Osis hair products make your special look!

Schwarzkopf OSiS – the art of contradiction enables everybody to reveal all their different sides.

OSiS hair products are specifically designed to create styles that excite and inspire: use 1 product to create 2 contradictory looks or mix 2 products to create 1 look to contradict!

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Do you use OSIS hair products? We want to know what you think of these salon products. Whether you are here to learn more about Osis haircare or happened upon us by accident, take a moment to browse through all the OSIS Hair Products and leave us your review! It will help others decide if a particular OSIS product is right for them!

OSiS invites you to be adventurous with your hair styling by offering an endless variety of styling opportunities, to suit every mood and occasion. For everyday styling needs, OSiS offers the Essentials: key styling and finishing products. With these products every hairstyle can be achieved.

Osis Essential Style Osis Essential Style - all the key products needed as the basis for creating a fantastic hairstyle, e.g. mousse or volume products.


Osis Essential Form Osis Essential Form - a special range of products required to form either curly or straight hair, e.g. straightening or curling products.



Osis Essential Gloss Osis Essential Gloss - the perfect choice to give a special extra glossy finish to any hairstyle, e.g. gloss serum or spray.



Osis Essential Texture Osis Essential Texture - a comprehensive range to texturise any style e.g. wax and gel products.



Osis Essential Fix Osis Essential Fix - when it comes to finishing a style, these are the products to give that final touch, e.g. hairsprays ranging from light to strong control.



Osis Creatives Osis Creatives - The Creatives are what hairdressers and clients need when they really want to explore and express the different sides of their personality with creative styling.



Osis Design Mix Osis Design Mix - With OSiS Design Mix you can now express all your different sides and take your styling to the utmost extremes.



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